MITCNC Key Initiative Update: Entrepreneurship, Young Alumni, and Stronger Connection to MIT

A photo of MITCNC President

Doug Spreng, MITCNC President

When Doug Spreng accepted the MITCNC president’s role last year, he set in motion three major initiatives to drive interactions between the Northern California MIT alumni and the institute. Entrepreneurship, young alumni outreach and stronger connection to MIT are the strategic building blocks to enable an evolving MITCNC community that keeps pace with the technology transformation initiated at MIT and commercialized by MIT entrepreneurs—many are young entrepreneurs.

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A disruptive technology could transform democracy worldwide : The Blockchain


(Mandelbrot Set signifying the alarming simplicity and yet powerful possibilities of some simple math)

The Blockchain is useful for financial, legal and other applications in general not just for Bitcoin. It is a new enterprise grade technology that disrupts a lot of existing trust and transactional systems.

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Many MIT Young Alums Have Come To Build Their Network!

Young Alum Pic Blog 2b

MITCNC Welcome Reception for Class of 2014  |  Sunday, October 12, 2014

Here I am, standing among many energetic graduates from the Class of 2014. Full of enthusiasm. Full of fresh ideas. They are entrepreneurs and professionals. They have found passion in e-commerce, e-security, big data, civil engineering, legal… They are excited to reconnect with fellow classmates as much as meeting other MIT alumni here in San Francisco – at the MITCNC Welcome Reception for Class of 2014. Continue reading

Cross Cloud Security: A Reality?

Cloud Security Alliance, a not-for-profit organization that promotes the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing, has officially kicked off the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Hackathon at CSA Congress 2014 in San Jose. What’s interesting about this challenge is using SDP for cross cloud security. Continue reading

The Tesla IoT Car : Case Study

The Tesla automobile is a big example of the Internet of Things and potential problems and benefits of this idea.


IOT properties of the Tesla 

1) The Tesla has a persistent 3G cell connection to the internet that is paid for gratis by Tesla.   This makes it one of the “Internet of Things”  It also has Wifi, bluetooth and garage door opener built in. 2) The car has an API!  Tesla API 3) The car can provide Geolocation information 4) The car has attitude (angle) and various other sensors for acceleration 5) The car has a camera (in the back) 6) The car could be lethal to both passengers and others if it were hacked inappropriately 7) Tesla has reportedly formed an early warning threat detection and reward system to reward hackers who discover vulnerabilities in the cars security 8) The car can detect the presence of a key fob within a small distance of the vehicles perimeter 9) Virtually all aspects of the cars functionality are digitized and theoretically available for inspection and utilization including energy use, positions of wheels, brakes and emergency brake, climate system, seat positions, mirrors, door handles … 10) The car has an “App framework” that allows developers to build apps to run in the car.  Continue reading