MITCNC Energy & Environment Team Won the 2016 Great Dome Award

Great Dome Award v3-a


For those not familiar with this award (formerly known as the Presidential Citation), the Great Dome Award is the highest honor the MIT Alumni Association bestows upon any of its organizations, given to groups in recognition of distinguished service to the Institute or the Association.

This year, MITCNC Energy & Environment Team has been recognized for “the Club’s impressive level of success on its mission Continue reading

MITCNC Membership up 50%, According to FY 2015/16 Report

A photo of MITCNC President

Doug Spreng, MITCNC President

At the end of our first fiscal quarter, MITCNC membership units were 1,037, up 50% from same quarter last year. And, there’s still 9 months to go in this fiscal year. Congrats, MITCNC!

So how did we achieve these great results?

In this interview, club president Doug Spreng shared his insight with MITCNC Blog. Continue reading

Humans, Automation, and the Future of Work: A Reading List*

There has been a flood of books on this topic in the last year or two, so I decided to compile a list. I have read roughly a third of the books listed below (and hope to get through some of the others in due course.)

From what I have read (in these books and the general technogy/business media coverage over the last two years or so), the main arguments seem to broadly fall into one of three categories:

[1] We are all doomed, because there will be no work left for any of us in a few decades.


[2] There is nothing to worry about. New kinds of jobs (that we cannot even imagine today) will be created, and we will all be fine.

or Continue reading

Envision Ventures Partner Talks CleanTech; Why and How He Funds Startups

Dan Ahn, Managing Partner at Envision Ventures

Dan Ahn, Managing Partner at Envision Ventures

Recently, MITCNC hosted a forum entitled Multiple Ways to Fund Your Clean Energy Startup. Numerous experts provided CleanTech entrepreneurs with new ideas to fund their companies. Some of the alternative funding sources included: angels, private equity, corporate venture funds, federal or state grants, international venture investors, and prizes.

We’re pleased to invite Dan Ahn, Partner of Envision Ventures and a panel speaker, to share additional thoughts on the panel discussion, as well as the partnership he seeks and builds with his portfolio companies.

Anna: Welcome, Dan! Why did many CleanTech startups fail over the past years?

Dan: Good question. Let me start with a “historical” perspective: “CleanTech,” from an institutional investor perspective, has been a dirty word. Continue reading

Former CIA CTO Examined Catastrophic Cyber Failures at West Point US Military Academy

The officers and cadets at West Point US Military Academy came to listen to a talk by former CTO of Central Intelligence Agency, Bob Flores, and Cloud Security Alliance co-chair/Vidder founder, Junaid Islam, about how to avoid catastrophic cyber failures. Such a failure occurs when a cyber attacker is able to exploit a single vulnerability to breach an entire organization’s cyber defenses.

A strategic framework for effective cyber security proposed by Bob (left) and Junaid (center) has the following essential components:

  • Establish a comprehensive view of threats and capabilities
  • Develop a security strategy that mitigates an organization’s biggest vulnerabilities
  • Link security controls to ensure a single failure will not result in a breach

How to Prevent Catastrophic Cyber Failure

Key takeaways: Continue reading