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Former CIA CTO Examined Catastrophic Cyber Failures at West Point US Military Academy

The officers and cadets at West Point US Military Academy came to listen to a talk by former CTO of Central Intelligence Agency, Bob Flores, and Cloud Security Alliance co-chair/Vidder founder, Junaid Islam, about how to avoid catastrophic cyber failures. Such a failure occurs when a cyber attacker is able to exploit a single vulnerability to breach an entire organization’s cyber defenses.

A strategic framework for effective cyber security proposed by Bob (left) and Junaid (center) has the following essential components:

  • Establish a comprehensive view of threats and capabilities
  • Develop a security strategy that mitigates an organization’s biggest vulnerabilities
  • Link security controls to ensure a single failure will not result in a breach

How to Prevent Catastrophic Cyber Failure

Key takeaways: Continue reading

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workshop: Answers to Three Must-Ask Questions


If you’re currently launching a new venture, can you answer these questions?

  • Who are my customers – can I detail the “persona” of my target users?
  • What do I uniquely offer them that no one else does?
  • How do I best reach them?

If you and your team have trouble answering, don’t despair.  This September, we’re offering a practical, hands-on workshop series based on the ground-breaking book Disciplined Entrepreneurship, by Bill Aulet, Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.  As Bill says:  “The single necessary and sufficient condition for a business is a paying customer.” Continue reading

Seeing the big picture of Technology change – The virtuous circle

The Virtuous Circle



My previous blog talked about the specifics of how some change is being socialized and spread using APIs and open source but the virtuous circle is more than just open source and APIs.  Open source and APIs are how programmers can bring the underlying technology change to developers but the entire circle is the reason this is all happening.

The idea of the virtuous circle is that each component of the circle has been critical to the success of the other parts of the circle.  It is hard to imagine the success of any of these elements in isolation.  The massive adoption of key aspects of the circle is clearly needed but each element of the circle has been key to the success and adoption of the other parts.    The constant improvement in each aspect of the circle drives improvements in other parts of the circle driving more adoption and more innovation.  The process feeds itself and grows faster as each element grows.   It is impossible to say which element is less – critical so they have to be considered as one. Continue reading