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MITCNC New President Unveils Top 3 Priorities: Entrepreneurship, Young Alumni, and Stronger Connection with MIT


Doug Spreng, MITCNC President

Doug Spreng, MITCNC President

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with our new club president, Doug Spreng. In his four years serving the club, Doug’s contributions include the founding of the Energy & Clean Tech Series. Under his leadership, this program has grown from a few events per year to eight speaker/panel discussions with six tours of energy related facilities.  In collaboration with Larry Kelly, a chairperson for Band of Angels’ Special Industry Groups, Doug has recently initiated the Pioneers of Clean Technology speaker series – kicking it off with a sold-out “Tesla Motors from Day One” presentation by its co-founder, Marc Tarpenning.

In this interview, Doug shares his vision and mission for MITCNC, along with key initiatives to accomplish them.

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