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Envision Ventures Partner Talks CleanTech; Why and How He Funds Startups

Dan Ahn, Managing Partner at Envision Ventures

Dan Ahn, Managing Partner at Envision Ventures

Recently, MITCNC hosted a forum entitled Multiple Ways to Fund Your Clean Energy Startup. Numerous experts provided CleanTech entrepreneurs with new ideas to fund their companies. Some of the alternative funding sources included: angels, private equity, corporate venture funds, federal or state grants, international venture investors, and prizes.

We’re pleased to invite Dan Ahn, Partner of Envision Ventures and a panel speaker, to share additional thoughts on the panel discussion, as well as the partnership he seeks and builds with his portfolio companies.

Anna: Welcome, Dan! Why did many CleanTech startups fail over the past years?

Dan: Good question. Let me start with a “historical” perspective: “CleanTech,” from an institutional investor perspective, has been a dirty word. Continue reading

MITCNC Pioneers in Clean Tech: Tesla Motors from Day One

Presented by Marc Tarpenning, co-Founder of Tesla Motors


Today, Tesla Motors is $30 billion in market cap.  Do you know the road its founders took to get here? Perhaps the most asked question is: why did Tesla entered the electric car market just as GM was pulling the plug on their EV1?

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