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A disruptive technology could transform democracy worldwide : The Blockchain


(Mandelbrot Set signifying the alarming simplicity and yet powerful possibilities of some simple math)

The Blockchain is useful for financial, legal and other applications in general not just for Bitcoin. It is a new enterprise grade technology that disrupts a lot of existing trust and transactional systems.

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Many MIT Young Alums Have Come To Build Their Network!

Young Alum Pic Blog 2b

MITCNC Welcome Reception for Class of 2014  |  Sunday, October 12, 2014

Here I am, standing among many energetic graduates from the Class of 2014. Full of enthusiasm. Full of fresh ideas. They are entrepreneurs and professionals. They have found passion in e-commerce, e-security, big data, civil engineering, legal… They are excited to reconnect with fellow classmates as much as meeting other MIT alumni here in San Francisco – at the MITCNC Welcome Reception for Class of 2014. Continue reading

The technology “disruption” occurring in today’s business world is driven by open source and APIs and a new paradigm of enterprise collaboration

virtuous cycle


Disruption and Reuse

It is my contention that 90% of costs are being eliminated from the traditional software development process and the time to market reduced dramatically by leveraging the reuse capable today via open source, APIs, fast deployment and resource sharing with PaaS. The cost of Enterprise Software was magnified by an order of magnitude by the lack of reuse prevalent in the old paradigm of software development. This is apparent as we see how fast we are able to build technology today. This is a major reason for the massive adoption of disruptive technologies of open source and APIs we see today.

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