Many MIT Young Alums Have Come To Build Their Network!

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MITCNC Welcome Reception for Class of 2014  |  Sunday, October 12, 2014

Here I am, standing among many energetic graduates from the Class of 2014. Full of enthusiasm. Full of fresh ideas. They are entrepreneurs and professionals. They have found passion in e-commerce, e-security, big data, civil engineering, legal… They are excited to reconnect with fellow classmates as much as meeting other MIT alumni here in San Francisco – at the MITCNC Welcome Reception for Class of 2014.

“I am a founder of an e-commerce startup. I’m here to meet like-minded entrepreneurs,” says one young alumnus. “This MIT reception is a great place to network! I see my classmates here. I also get to meet alums from Class of 2013 and earlier.”

Clearly, many of these young alumni already have a head start in the way of building a network. When asked about their transition from school life to work life, they simply answer “no problem.”

Really? How?

Quite a few alumni have come to the San Francisco Bay Area with their classmates. They room together. A few others have sought out local alumni from prior year or two – some of them have been friends since school. They understand well the value of networking, and how to leverage and expand the network.

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“I’m looking for like-minded alumni to discuss ideas for my next startup,” says another young alumnus. “Does MITCNC keep a separate list of entrepreneurs? That would be so valuable. I’m interested in learning more about other entrepreneurs’ experiences, new technology trends, startup support infrastructure…”

A couple young alumni point to the recently launched Pioneers in CleanTech speaker series as an example of a valuable learning opportunity.

Nine have expressed interest in participating in an upcoming MITCNC young alumni focus group. They have many interesting ideas for club activities aiming to draw the younger crowds.

Free food and drinks organized around a networking theme definitely helps.  This is the general attitude from talking to many young alumni. Today, MIT 10 social events are just the beginning of many more of these networking events.

“One of MITCNC’s top priorities is to bring more young alumni into the club,” MITCNC president, Doug Spreng, reiterates. “The large young alumni turnout at this event holds promise for more similar events.”

As I’m getting ready to head out, a young alumna – a lawyer – approaches me with two young children by her side. “I have an idea for MITCNC,” she says. “Why not have alumni networking events for mothers who have a career and young kids?”

What are your thoughts?

Also, if you wish to join the young alumni focus group, please send an email to anna.luo at

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